Entering the 21st centenry, the development of technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things and social networking etc. has made the volumes of data increasing at an unprecedented speed!

By rapidly acquiring and analyzing big data from various sources and with various uses, researchers and decision-makers have gradually realized that this massive volume of information can directly benfit understanding consumer trend, market movements, and predicting and preventing risks.

Why Us

In this fast changing era of technologies and information, every piece of data points could provide important signals to your research.

But, it's resource and time intensive to gather and manage so much information on your own. Not only you need to hire the right engineers with the right skillsets, but also investing in setting up and maintaining the associated infrastructures.

At Polar-Data, we help you eliminate all these hassles and you can just focus on the data and insights. Our service and infrasture are tailored to every customer's unique need.

Our Services include but not limited to the following: Alternative data harvesting in major econnmies such as US, Canada, UK, China etc. Data processing and management pipelines; Full cycle retainer project development and management to satisfy the customized needs of customers; Built hightly automated systems to monitor dataflows and key metrics, and alert signals etc..

Some Example Data Points

Ecommerce Platforms GMV

Pricing Analysis For Interested Brand

Nordstrom Dominating Brands

Purple Matress

FashionPhile Data

Thousands of Brands Covered


South Korea Food Delivery

GasBuddy Prices

Homedepot/Lowes Product Data